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John Joseph Puthenkalam

John Joseph Puthenkalam, Ph.D., S. J.

7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554, Japan
Sophia University
Building No.2, Room 1129


Published more than 30 academic books and many articles in international journals on topics related to environment and development of developing countries. The following are a few titles of my research.

  1. "The Comprehension of Freedom: Eastern and Western Ways of Thinking", Excalibur Press, London, 1995. (Straniak Foundation Philosophy Prize, 1992)
  2. "The Collision of Cultures? Dialogue Between Globalization and Cultural Identity", Academia Verlag, Germany, 200l. (Straniak Foundation Philosophy Prize, 1998)
  3. “Empowerment: Sustainable Human Development Strategy for Poverty Alleviation”, Rawat Publications, New Delhi , 2004
  4. “Human Development Approach to Health and Longevity”, Loyola Publications, 2010
  5. “Gender, Democracy and Development”, Loyola Publications, Kerala, India , 2011
  6. “Human Development Strategy of MGNREGA”, Rawat Publications, New Delhi, 2012.
  7. “Global Development Study: Developing Countries, International Organizations and Millennium Development Goals”, Sophia Innovation Programme, Tokyo, 2013.
  8. “Global Development Partnership: Impact Analysis of Tribals in Kerala, India”, Indian Social Institute Publications, Bangalore, 2014.
  9. “Poverty and Hunger: The Millennium Development Goal in the Global and Indian Context”, Indian Social Institute Publication, New Delhi, 2014
  10. “Education for Human Capital Formation: Case Study of Right to Education (RTE) in India”, Indian Social Institute Publications, Bangalore, 2015
  11. “Rural Development”, (Edited Volume), Regal Publications, Delhi, 2015
  12. “Jesuits and Globalization, (Edited Volume), Georgetown University Press , Washington, 2016.
  13. “Economic Growth, Democracy and Human Development”, Claretian Publications, Bangalore, 2016.

Research project:

Inter-disciplinary approach to find solutions to the problems of poverty, education and environment in developing countries by focusing on infrastructure and railway network This research project focuses on finding solutions to the problems of poverty, education and environment in developing countries in Africa and Asia by using an inter-disciplinary approach of engineering as well as social sciences like economics and education. Also conducted various research activities on environmental education in India and Philippines, based on MDGs and SDGs..