Sophia Forest Seminar Conducted

Looking at Mt. Asama under the clear sky, Sophia No Mori (Sophia Forest) seminar was conducted on 24-25 May, 2019 participated by 14 students and 2 faculty members.

On the first day, they visited Toshin Timber Center, attended a lecture on recent timber market status and observed the efficient timber sorting facility. Afterwards, they moved to the forest area under the jurisdiction of Toshin National Forest Office, observed the oldest Larix plantation in Japan, and observed the forest management site of mechanized system of harvesting/plantings.

Next day, they started Satoyama activities of the Karuizawa Nature Club from 6:00 am, and then moved to the Sophia No Mori. They were divided into two groups: insects and birds, and identified and list-up the species under the guidance of experts. This activity was joined by Toshin District Forest Office officials and also children/parents of the Nature Club, and we could see happy faces of children.

In addition, with the support of the NLAPO, an English leaflet on Sophia No Mori has been printed to show its overall activities.

English leaflet on Sophia No Mori (Sophia Forest)