Island Sustainability Symposium, JST Sakura Science 2019 Wrap-up on Oct 3

Sophia University Island Sustainability Symposium
JST Sakura Science 2019 Wrap-up
Thursday, 3 October 2019
TIME: 13:30 to 16:00
PLACE: Sophia University, Building 2, 17th Floor, Room 1702


Opening Remarks
i) Sophia University Environmental Research
Institute, Director G. Huang
ii) Javeriana University Representative Maria
Adelaida Farah Q.
MC: Erika Salazar, Sophia University, PhD student;
graduate of Javeriana University
Discussion Group 1: What do scientists have
to say about applying science tourism to
Moderator: Prof M. Suzuki
Topic Introducer: Prof. J.R. Gomez, Javeriana
Discussion Group 2: Gender in resource
management – why is it something we need to
talk about?
Moderator: Prof. A. McDonald
Topic Introducer: Prof. Pablo Ramos, Javeriana
Discussion Group 3: Student Voices: What
does it mean to be an islander? What is island
Moderator: Henry Dinayen, Sophia University, MA
Snapshots from the Sakura Science Field:
Javeriana University Sakura Science Participants
Sakura Science 2019 Closing Remarks
Sophia University Graduate School of Global
Environmental Studies, Dean A. Ori
Closing Opening Remarks the next step in
Island Sustainability Studie
i) Javeriana University, Sakura Science 2019
Coordinators, Prof. J.R. Gomez and Prof. P. Ramos
ii) Sophia University Island Sustainability Unit, Prof.
A. McDonald