[EVENT on June 17] Sophia Symposium: Sustainable Regional Development to Achieve UN SDGs by Utilization of Forest's Ecosystem Services

Focusing on Strategies for sustainable regional development from global perspectives of forest ecosystem services, Sophia Symposium "Sustainable Regional Development to Achieve UN SDGs by Utilization of Forest's Ecosystem Services" will be held on 17th June.

June 17, 2018 (Sunday), 15:00-17:40(Doors open at 14:30)
Sophia University, Yotsuya Campus, Building No.6, 1th floor, Room 101

【Keynote 1】
Mr. Peter Besseau, Chair of the Bureau for UNFF12
Toward Achievement of SDGs and UN Strategic Forest Plan. How We Can Promote Sustainable Regional Development by Conserving and Utilizing Ecosystem Services? Lessons of 20+ Years’ Experience of International Model Forest Network (IMFN).

【Keynote 2】
Dr. Erin Kelly, Associate Professor, Humboldt State Univ., USA
The Case of California/USA –Promoting Sustainable Regional Development Through Conserving Utilizing Ecosystem Services by Means of Forest Carbon Trading

【Panel Discussion】
Ms. Rujira Pongpluthong, Director, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE), Thailand
Mr. Hironori Nukui, Director, Forest Management Office, Yokohama City
Dr. Naoki Adachi, CEO, Response Ability Inc.
Mr. Shinkichi Mizutani, Executive Secretary, More-Trees
Ms. Aiko Ihara, President, Tap & Sap/ MAPLE BASE
Dr. Shingo Shibata, Professor, Sophia Univ. (Moderator)

※Open forum in Japanese and English

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【Access】 Detail Map
Please aware the North Gate is closed on June 17th. Please enter the campus from the Main Gate.

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