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The Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GENV) was established in April 2005 as an independent graduate school founded on inter-disciplinary approaches to academia and research. Since the first graduating class of 2007, our graduates have gone on to pursue diverse careers in the environmental field, both in Japan and internationally.

To ensure the work of our graduates is shared with incoming students to our graduate school, other researchers of global environmental studies and those from civil society interested in environmental issues, GENV initiated the Journal of Global Environmental Studies in 2007. To commemorate the school’s 10th year anniversary, GENV will begin publishing a digital version of the journal. Students’ work from both the Japanese and International program will now be available in a timely manner and GENV hopes their work contributes to furthering environmental dialogues and our understanding of the complex environmental challenges our global society faces.

Regarding journal access, the digital version can be accessed from computers on campus.

The Journal of Global Environmental Studies

Issue No. 14 (published March 2020)

  Title Name
No. 1 Plastic Waste Management and Environment A case study of plastic bag waste in District of Mocuba - Mozambique Gildo Guilherme Duarte
No. 2 International Analysis of the Drivers in Promoting Woody Biomass Energy as a Means to Address Climate Change and Sustainable Development Derek Michio Hondo
No. 3 Sustainable Strategy To Boosting Purchase Intention Of Organic Food — A Case Study of The Organic Food Market in Shanghai Kong Yijun
No. 4 Exploring Sustainable Mangrove Management Policy For Community Wwllbeing: Case Study of NADROGA and NADI in Fiji Salanieta Tuisuva
No. 5 Integrated study of innovation, policy and environmental sustainability on the power battery industry of electric vehicle: How can we adopt greener electric vehicles in the future? Zhang Yongjian
No. 6 Achieve the Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management – Comparative Study on Municipal Solid Waste Management System of China and Japan Wen Xueqian
No. 7 An Agent-Driven Solution to the Waste Problem: the Case of Naoshima Xie Baoer
No. 8 The educational role of pharmacists in collection of medication waste to reduce pharmaceutical pollution in water body -A case study in Kunming Yi Yanchen
No.9 The Impact of Charcoal Production and Consumption on Socioeconomic Development and Environment. A Case of Nakasongola District, Uganda. Sekubwa Baker
No.10* 家庭用水銀製品のリスク管理に関する日中比較研究 Ma LinTong
No.11* 日本における寝具の包装についての研究 ―ニトリと良品計画の例として― Xu Ke
No.12* タンザニアの環境、気候問題とそれに対する食糧問題の解決策についてー 小島 彩
No.13* 東西の思想家にみる実践的な環境思想の試み ―ルソーと安藤昌益を例として 綱脇 友重
No.14 Single-use plastic waste management A study of Japan and Vietnam Pham Mai Huong
No.15 Analysis of the relationship between Environmental Awareness and Environmental Degradation in Masaka Municipality-Uganda. Kyotakoze Annet
No.16* 食品ロス削減対策の有効性に関する経済的分析 Bae Sujin
No.17* 大豆肉消費拡大の可能性と課題 ―気候変動緩和策の一環として― 江口 優子
No.18 Opportunities and Challenges of Urban Organic Waste Management: A study of Organic Waste Management in Kathmandu Prava Kandel

*written in Japanese

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