Born in 1965 at Chiba prefecture. After graduating Keio University, faculty of the Economics, joined the Environmental Agency of the Prime Minister's office. Worked in Air quality bureau, Minister's secretariat, Water quality bureau, Policy planning and coordination bureau, also worked as a head of Nature conservation division of Shiga pref. a head of the office for promoting the sound material cycle society of Ministry of the Environment, a head of environment and economy policy research office of MoE. He contributed establishing the Basic Law for the Sound material cycle society. During six years work in the OECD, he participated in many OECD environmental policy performance reviews as an expert of the environmental policy.

Education Focus at GENV

I have unique work experience in many ways, such as a central governmental official, that of local government, international civil servant. During my lecture you would learn different aspects that different governmental official would take into account when planning and implementing environmental policies.

What can students learn from taking Prof. KAWAKAMI's courses?

If you like it or not, globalization is unstoppable in our time and I think it's very important that we, Japanese proactively get involved with global decision making process which is to decide major course of actions and rules for humanity, ensuring our voice with the leadership, I hope. We need environmental experts who can show the leadership at such a global stage. I would tell you my knowledge and work experience during my six years stay in the OECD.

Research Seminar Synopsis

The ideas which I am interested in are such as "Global Environmental Conservation for Sustainable Development", "Japanese Growth Model of the post-war economic growth", "Japan's (Japanese) role as a member of the international community" (possibilities of contributions in the area of protecting environment) and "Environmental economics with ecological perspective". What I would support you are to have your own vision to choose the right direction for humanity grasping the big picture of this planet Earth and human activities as a whole.