Masachika Suzuki


Born in Tokyo and raised in Yokohama, I received Ph.D. from Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam in the Netherlands and MAs both from Columbia University in the US and Keio University in Japan. Prior to this position, I was an Associate Professor at Kansai University (2010-2014) and an Assistant Professor (2007-2010) and Associate Dean at the Graduate School of International Management of International University of Japan. Apart from my academic career, I have work experience in the environmental and energy consultancy. My previous positions include senior analyst positions at Mitsubishi Securities in Tokyo and Innovest Strategic Value Advisors in New York as well as consultant positions at the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) at the UN headquarter in New York and at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Bonn. Presently, I work as an author, reviewer, and guest editor for international journals on corporate environmental and energy strategy.

Education Focus at GENV

In order to be a good practitioner or to be good researcher in the environmental field, I believe that it is important to obtain knowledge from several academic disciplines, as environmental issues themselves are cross-boundary. In order to implement a clean energy project, for example, you would need to have basic level of understanding of the technology even if you are not an engineer. In order to evaluate the financial feasibility of the project, it is necessary to have the financial evaluation skills. When policies and regulations can influence the project, you would need to understand the development of domestic policies as well as international negotiations.

What can students learn from taking Prof. Suzuki's courses?

I will encourage students to study both theories and practices of corporate environmental strategy and management. Business case study materials will be introduced to develop students’ comprehension of theories and analytical frameworks. I will also encourage students to obtain basic qualitative and quantitative analytical skills and apply their skills to their research.

Research Seminar Synopsis

You are expected to take initiatives to discuss research topics among your colleagues and present research progress with us as well as the broader audience outside of the seminar. I will facilitate several opportunities for you to present your research work with students and researchers outside of school and obtain useful feedback from them.