Zihao Zhu

Executive, Business Development, TMF Group, Tokyo

M.A., Graduated in 2022

Studying at Sophia University's GENV program has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions I've made. In the highly interdisciplinary context of GENV, I've been able to pursue any research related to the environment with ample support. At Sophia University, I've been able to expand my horizons beyond Japan and engage with global issues. GENV has transformed my perspective and values on life, both theoretically and practically. Additionally, the study of ESG has equipped me with valuable skills and made me a competitive candidate in the job market. Choosing GENV at Sophia University will definitely be a decision you won't regret.

Emily Yichia Chu

Intern, Sustainability team, PWC, Japan

M.A., Graduated in 2020

Studying in GENV was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My friends and family were shock when I decided to quit a promising job and go back to be a student. After I started at GENV, I knew I made the right choice. GENV opened many new doors in my life. This program gave us many opportunities and freedom to explore in areas we are interested in. It also opened our perspectives by bringing people with diverse backgrounds into the classrooms and taking students to eye-opening study trips both around Japan and the world. What I received from GENV was not only a diploma, but life changing experiences that made me ready to face new challenges in life.

Yuchao Yang

Principal Staff Member, China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission Hainan Bureau, China

M.A., Graduated in 2020

Studying at GENV, Sophia University was one of the precious experiences that I had in my life. Learning from competent professors gave the opportunity to enhance my understanding of environmental issues and sustainable lifestyles. Moreover, classmates from different countries gave me the international learning platform, which I believe is very important in this era of globalization. Additionally, field-study trips organized by GES exposed me practically, providing a strong knowledge of environmental issues which no books can provide. I believe not only the knowledge that we gain in campus that matters but also the way of thinking critically and expressing ourselves is important. GENV has also nurtured my way of thinking and shaped me to be a responsible person in life. In coming days, I will utilize my gained knowledge towards the betterment of this world, I will give my bit, what about you?

Salanieta Tuisuva

Lecturer in Environmental Science, Fiji National University, Fiji

M.A., Graduated in 2019

The most important thing taken from my experience at the GES was to view global environmental issues from various perspectives and learning to be independent. I also learnt to challenge my own opinions and the education which I had once perceived as infallible. Currently Fiji is undergoing changes impacting the natural environment that we have relied on for centuries. However, I will be forever grateful and would love to say “Arigato Gozaimasu” (meaning “Thank you” in Japanese) to the great minds that not only create hope but ignite and instill in me the love of finding solutions that will help engineer a way forward for my beloved and beautiful Fiji.

Wen Xueqian

Principal Staff Member, Tianjin Bureau of Commerce, China

M.A., Graduated in 2019

Walking through Sophia campus, I feel the campus is not big but diverse, as students with different faces get together here. Studying at the GES, I expanded my vision and increased my academic ability. Professors always encourage students to be creative, discuss, and share how they think about the SDGs and environmental issues. Moreover, students with different backgrounds share interesting and meaningful opinions, some of which I didn’t consider before. What impressed me is the integration of the academic research and practical knowledge. The GES organizes lots of field study trips covering a series of environmental topics. The knowledge as well as the skills I learned is good reference to my work.

Megan Cariaso

Intern, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, USA

M.A., Graduated in 2019

The GES offers a number of courses that can enrich a person significantly. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and participating in interactive lessons in the classrooms, going on educational and fulfilling field trips, and attending invaluable symposiums. The program helped me grow as an environmentalist. To potential applicants who have that fire for the environment, I say, go for it. Challenge yourself and study hard. Let yourself be guided by an educational system that serves and delivers.

Gildo Guilherme Duarte

Teacher, Ministry of Education and Human Development, Mozambique

M.A., Graduated in 2019

In my country, the ideas about valuing waste as a resource to reduce environmental and human health problems resulting from misuse are still rare. Also, the ideas to protect, conserve and reduce dependence on natural resources are not common yet. My experience at the GES has helped me to raise awareness around the issue of waste. I also I enjoyed exchanging ideas with brilliant colleagues from different parts of the world who have helped me to commit to contributing to my country now.

S Myo Chit Zaw

Teacher Trainer, Pyinya Sanyae Institute of Education, Yangon, Myanmar

M.A., Graduated in 2016

I had a remarkable time during my studies at Sophia University. I developed not only academic skills but also an international outlook. The most astounding skill I developed at the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies was the skill to conduct research, which has been contributing tremendously to my teaching career at our institute. I am going to move to an associate research position next year.

George Ndege

Assistant Conservator of Forests, Kenya Forest Service

M.A., Graduated in 2016

I enjoyed the opportunity of one-on-one consultation with the lecturers, who always were available for assistance. The courses are tailored towards solving current and emerging global environmental issues with a multidisciplinary approach, field exposures, and up-to-date reading materials. I met some incredible people from all over the world and made incredible memories on visits to the countryside of Miyagi prefecture and to Shiretoko goko national park for field exposure. Thanks to the skills and knowledge I acquired at the graduate school, I have gained the ability to understand the global environment and to think globally and act locally for inter-generational and intra-generational equity.

Masato Yamazaki

Assistant Professor, Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Nagoya University

Ph.D., Graduated in 2010

I worked on international trade of recycled products with for my dissertation. After the graduation, I worked at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). Currently I am doing research on the economic impact of a natural disaster at Disaster Mitigation Research Center, Nagoya University. Through the career, I have been developing several economic simulation models evaluating the effects of environmental policies or a natural disaster on an economy. It is important for us to learn analytical skills and theories as well as to have passion in order to resolve environmental issues.

Mami Yoshikawa

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Theology, Sophia University

Ph.D., Graduated in 2009

I conducted a research on the harmony between environmental conservation and economic development in developing countries from the perspective of human resource development for my dissertation. While in school. I visited indigenous communities in India and conducted a field work on their life. This research must have been difficult without international networks built by faculties and graduates of Sophia University. Especially, I am very grateful to MEGUKO -Action for the Self-Reliance of Children in Asia, which is a NGO at Sophia University. After the graduation I joined in a research project as a research associate at Faculty of Environmental and Information Studies, Tokyo City University. I try to be active both in researches and in practical operations. I have been working as a technical advisor of Environmental Education sent by Japan International Cooperation Agency to developing countries. Also I have been on a selection committee of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers as well as an instructor for the volunteers. I join in Faculty of Theology, Sophia University from 2013 and focus on Environmental Education based on Human Studies.