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Akemi Ori

Akemi Ori

7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554, Japan
Sophia University
Building No.2, Room 1518
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Major Field of Concentration

Environmental Law <To Understand Japanese environmental law from a comprehensive perspective>


My specialty is environmental law. My research covers general environmental law (air, water quality, soil, global warming, biodiversity, etc.).

Since it has been involved as a council member in the legal system of waste management and chemical substance management, we specialized in risk management on chemical substances of various recycling laws and chemical substance management promotion law (PRTR law) including the Container and Packaging Recycling Law , We are doing research on citizen participation, information disclosure, and risk communication in these fields.

After taking Ph. D, I was involved in the field of chemical management policy through work on amendments on the Chemical Substances Control Law and the PRTR Act. During deliberations on the bills, I conducted research on how to incorporate international risk management policy in Japanese chemical risk management policy, still continuing research in this area. At the same time, I was keen on the importance of capacity-building of Asian Waste Management Policy. When thinking of Japanese Environmental Waste Management Policy, we could not forget the idea that Japan is the part of the ASEAN Region. This point of view I believe sharing information about ASEAN Environmental Risk and sharing Japan's successes experience how we overcome serious environmental pollution will be useful. I want to be continuing more detail research on this area.


Spring term

  • Japanese Environmental Law, Recycling System in Asia

Autumn term

  • Environmental Risk Management, Recycling Systems In Asia

Whole year

  • Exercise A/B/C/D