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Masachika Suzuki

Masachika Suzuki

7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554, Japan
Sophia University
Building No.2, Room 1526
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Messages for Prospective Students

Welcome to our graduate school! I hope that you are going to have a great time in our program.

In order to be a good practitioner or to be good researcher in the environmental field, I believe that it is important to be open to different academic disciplines. In order to implement a clean energy project, for example, you would need to have basic level of understanding of the technology even if you are not an engineer. In order to evaluate the financial feasibility of the project, it is necessary to have the financial evaluation skills. When policies and regulations can influence the project, you would need to understand the development of domestic policies as well as international negotiations. I would encourage the entering students to take classes in different academic disciplines, especially in the first year.


My areas of research include 1) corporate environmental and energy strategy, 2) technology innovation and transfer of clean energy technologies (such as wind and solar power generation technologies), 3) sustainable consumption and production, 4) effectiveness of economic policy instruments (such as emissions trading) 5) social and environmental indicators for sustainable development (such as Sustainable Development Goals and OECD’s Quality of Life indicator), and 6) strategic alliance for establishing a sustainable community in Asia. As for the first research area, I am interested in investigating whether or not there is a good linkage between company’s environmental performance and financial performance. I am also interested in examining new sustainable business models that may bring both social benefits for society and profit for a company, which are sometimes discussed in the context of the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) and Creating Shared Values (CSVs) business models.


I encourage students to study both practices and theories of corporate environmental strategy and management. In my classes, business case study materials are introduced for students to explore whether the real stories in business management discussed in the case materials are applied to the theories and analytical frameworks addressed by scholars. In my seminar, I encourage students to obtain basic qualitative and quantitative analytical skills so that they can apply them to their own research in the second year.