Start Your Journey to be a part of the Solutions to Environmental Degradation: Become an Expert and Driver of Global Environmental Change

Turning Thoughts into Action

Many people are aware of the severity and urgency of the environmental challenges facing global society. How to translate awareness into concrete action however, can often be difficult for those wanting to become part of the solutions to environmental degradation and future sustainability. Our graduate school program aims to enable concerned global citizens to gain the skills, knowledge and tool sets to turn thoughts, theories and ideas into action.

Developing Human Capacity for the 21st Century

Complex and diverse global environmental issues require diverse experts and professionals. Our graduate school program has been designed to develop human capacity of people with diverse professional aspirations in the field of global environmental issues. We aim to educate future academics, professionals for industry, media, government and non-governmental organizations, community leaders among others and provide them with an in-depth comprehensive understanding, theoretical and practical knowledge of global environmental problems and develop each individual's ability to solve these issues as working professionals.

Welcoming People from Diverse Academic Backgrounds and Experiences

We are not a conventional graduate school consisting of one single department with an undergraduate program, but an independent graduate school founded on inter-disciplinary approaches to academia and research. Thus, we open our doors to a wide range of people from across the globe with different knowledge sets and worldviews who have diverse educational, work and life experiences. What ties us all together is our shared commitment to solving global environmental problems. Our graduate school is a place where people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds can learn together and inspire each other to make future aspirations a reality.

Inter-disciplinary Approach: Integrated Humanities and Sciences Curriculum

Environmental problems are complex issues influenced not only by human behavioral patterns and social systems but also by a range of other scientific, technological and chemical factors. We believe that a holistic approach to exploring the roots of environmental problems is necessary and fundamental for all our graduates. We have thus designed a curriculum that offers a broad range of academic disciplines that transcend the conventional boundaries of the humanities and sciences. To facilitate this, our graduate school is built on a framework of cooperation with other faculties and departments at Sophia University as well as with external institutions that we have agreements of academic exchanges with.

Practice and Theory: Towards Concrete and Effective Solutions

In order to solve global environmental problems, it is imperative to apply knowledge gained from research to reality, and to then formulate policies that are both feasible and effective. In our graduate school, we provide a diverse range of subjects that balance both theory and practice. Furthermore, education and research is supplemented by various symposiums and seminars that reflect the many voices of domestic and international efforts to tackle environmental problems.