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The Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GENV) was established in April 2005 as an independent graduate school founded on inter-disciplinary approaches to academia and research. Since the first graduating class of 2007, our graduates have gone on to pursue diverse careers in the environmental field, both in Japan and internationally.

To ensure the work of our graduates is shared with incoming students to our graduate school, other researchers of global environmental studies and those from civil society interested in environmental issues, GENV initiated the Journal of Global Environmental Studies in 2007. To commemorate the school’s 10th year anniversary, GENV will begin publishing a digital version of the journal. Students’ work from both the Japanese and International program will now be available in a timely manner and GENV hopes their work contributes to furthering environmental dialogues and our understanding of the complex environmental challenges our global society faces.

Regarding journal access, the digital version can be accessed from computers on campus.

The Journal of Global Environmental Studies

Issue No. 15 (published October 2020, March 2021)

  Title Name
No.1 The current situation of the Japanese exotic animal pet market and its impact on endangered species Tiffany Wagner
No.2 Environmentally Friendly Products and Social Entrepreneurship in the Personal Care and Cosmetic Industry: A Comparative Study Between Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan and the United States Yichia Chu
No.3 Municipal solid waste management in Lebanon -A Study on the Major Changes in the Lebanese Waste Management System in reaction to the 2015 Garbage Crisis Tatiana Hajjar
No.4 Achieving SDG 7 in Caribbean Small Island Developing States: Considering a third-party financing model for the rapid scale-up of solar power generation Shekira Thompson
No.5 Evaluation of Present and Future Potentials of Eco-tourism in Mountainous Area: Exploring Possibilities in Guizhou Province in China and Learning Lessons from Hokuto Area in Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan Hu Qingni
No.6 Challenges in the Implementation of Iczm as a Tool for Sustainable Marine Coastal Resource Management Case Study: Kribi Coastal Zone Area of Cameroon Henry Dinayen Wirba Tsalla Junior
No.7 Battling Water Quality Deterioration Amid Rapid Tourism Growth: A Study of Water Quality Management in El Nido, Palawan Jason Yrvin Sol Gurango Establecida
No.8 From Tofu to … Still Just Tofu? Developments, Dynamics and Challenges of Tokyo's Vegan Landscape in the 21st Century Simone Hencke
No.9 Analysis of Psychological Factors Affecting Environmentally Responsible Behavior, Case of Buea Municipality, Cameroon Nchia Shella Ndum
No.11 Water Quality Impact of Angat Dam in Norzagaray, Bulacan Philippines: Determination of Mercury Presence on the Waters in Angat River Marc Jhuden Santiago Dela Cruz
No.12 The impacts of ESG disclosure on financial performance: Analysis of Japanese consumer goods companies Liu Lichen
No.13* 日本における太陽光発電の社会的受容性 本宮 青芸
No.14 Social Vulnerability Assessment: Relevance of Sociodemographic Variables in Resilience toward Flood Risk Management Bakare Rasheed Oluwafemi
No.15* ソーラーシェアリング導入により収穫した農作物の環境価値の研究-仮想評価法(CVM)を用いて 上岡 尚樹
No.16 Study on Water Quality Analysis and Potential Pollution of the Teganuma Lake Mei Yichen

*written in Japanese

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