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The Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GENV) was established in April 2005 as an independent graduate school founded on inter-disciplinary approaches to academia and research. Since the first graduating class of 2007, our graduates have gone on to pursue diverse careers in the environmental field, both in Japan and internationally.

To ensure the work of our graduates is shared with incoming students to our graduate school, other researchers of global environmental studies and those from civil society interested in environmental issues, GENV initiated the Journal of Global Environmental Studies in 2007. To commemorate the school’s 10th year anniversary, GENV will begin publishing a digital version of the journal. Students’ work from both the Japanese and International program will now be available in a timely manner and GENV hopes their work contributes to furthering environmental dialogues and our understanding of the complex environmental challenges our global society faces.

Regarding journal access, the digital version can be accessed from computers on campus.

The Journal of Global Environmental Studies

Issue No. 9 (published June 2015)

  Title Name
No. 1 Determinants of Waste Separation in China: Guiyang City, Guizhou Province as a Case Study Siqi YANG
No. 2 The Role of Traditional Knowledge in the Development of Agri-Environmental Schemes: A Case Study of the Panela Agricultural Activity in Colombia Luz Adriana GOMEZ GALVIS
No. 3 The Role of Environmental Movements in Establishing of Municipal Solid Waste Management System in Urban Areas -Comparing Russia and Japan- Tyunina Olga
No. 4 Exploring Current Taiwan New Town Development Policy and Conflict -From the Perspective of City Biodiversity Index and Conservation- FeiChih Kuo
No. 5 日本における食品ロスの減量化対策 -フードバンク活動の事例を中心に-* 堀部 三幸
No. 6 スペイン電力システムの費用対効果の評価および日本への導入可能性の考察* 郡 隼輔
No. 7 日本における社会的責任投資(SRI)ファンドの特性分析~ネガティブ・スクリーングの位置づけと可能性~* 唐澤 伸吾

* written in Japanese

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