Intended to transcend the usual boundaries of academics, our inter-disciplinary program offers a wide diversity of in-depth courses from the natural sciences to the humanities. Students can choose courses suited to their interests, backgrounds and future career aspirations and create their own curriculum chart and timetable.

Compulsory Elective Courses

  • Seminar I, II, III and IV

Lecture Subjects

  • Environmental Economics
  • Strategic Environmental Management
  • Environment and Development in Developing Countries
  • Climate Change Policy
  • Environmental Administration
  • Global Environmental Policy
  • Integrative Environmental Policy
  • Environmental History
  • Japanese Environmental Law
  • International Environmental Treaties
  • Environmen and Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Ecology and the Environment
  • Chemical Substances and the Environment
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Planning
  • Ocean and the Environment
  • Global Environment Outlook
  • Japanese Experiences in Environmental Management
  • Marine Environmental Policy
  • Business Strategies for Sustainability
  • Environmetal Resource Management Policy
  • Global Forest Conservation Policy
  • Introduction to Environmental Accounting
  • Green Marketing
  • Environment and Supply Chain Management
  • Recycling Systems in Asia
  • Envergy and Environmetal Technology
  • *May differ depending on the year.

Economics, Business and Development Studies

Course Title Professor Credits
Business Strategies for Sustainability Masachika SUZUKI 2
Energy and Environmental Technology 2
Strategic Environmental Management 2
Green Marketing Bjoern FRANK 2
Environment and Supply Chain Management 2
Environment Economics Toyoaki WASHIDA 2
Environment and Development of Developing Nations John.J.
Corporate Finance Satoshi KAWANISHI 4

Law, Policy and Social Studies

Course Title Professor Credits
Environemtal Administration Yuta OKAZAKI 2
Climate Change Policy 2
Global Environmental Policy Anne McDONALD 2
Integrative Environment Policy 2
Environmental History 2
Marine Environment Policy 2
Japanese Environmental Law Akemi ORI 2
Recycling System in Asia 2
International Environmental Treaties Team of part-time lecturers 2
Environment and Sustainable Lifestyles Keiko HIRAO 2

Science and Engineering Studies

Course Title Professor Credits
Ecology and the Environment Yoshinari TANAKA 2
Chemical Substances and the Environment 2
Environmental Assessment Guangwei HUANG 2
Environmental Planning 2
Global Environment Outlook 2
Japanese Experiences in Environmental Management Team of part-time lecturers 2
Ocean and the Environment S.K.BEHERA
(part-time lecturer)
English for Science/Engineering Part-time lecturer 2
  • *Above courses and/or lecturers may be subject to change.

Note about Courses

(1) Students enrolled in the English GENV program are allowed to take lectures and seminars for credit in both English and Japanese. Although credits may be accumulated in either language, the Master's thesis for thesis track graduate students and research report for credit-track graduate students must be written in English.