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Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Environmental Resource Management Policy
Shingo Shibata

Shingo Shibata

7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554, Japan
Sophia University
Building No.2, Room 1516
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Affiliation Society

Sophia University Global Environmental Research Academy, Sophia University Global Environmental Research Institute, Society of American Foresters, Japanese Academy of Forests, Environment, Economic Policy Academy (Forestry Economics Academy, Forest Planning Academy)

Articles, etc.

  1. 柴田晋吾 Recreation Forester's Era 「森林レクリエーション誌」4月号, 2017.
  2. 柴田晋吾 Ecosystem Services Forestry's Vision and Signs. 「森林・林業誌」4月号, 2017.
  3. Shibata S., Corporate Social Responsibility Kyoto Style: Kyoto Model Forest’s Approach to Collaborative Forest Management. IMFN Website (forthcoming), 2017
  4. Poggendorf L. and Shibata S., Forest Kindergartens and “Nature Famine Society” Practical Review of “Waldkindergärten” in Germany and Their Implications for “Mori no Yōchien” in Japan, Sophia University Global Environmental Research Academy Journal, 2017
  5. Shibata S. ”PES (Payment for Ecosystem Services) –Status and Challenges in Japan”, Guest Lecture at PES Award Forum, Bangkok, Thailand. 2016
  6. 柴田晋吾.Introduction of Ecosystem Service Approach into Policy-making –US National Forest moving from Ecosystem Management to Ecosystem Service Management (1)(2)「山林」誌 、Vol 1584, 28-37 pp. /Vol 1585, 31-36 pp. 2016
  7. 柴田晋吾. Sustainable Recreation USA(1)-(3)「森林レクリエーション」誌 、Vol 345 4-8 pp, Vol 346 8-11 pp, Vol 347 4-8 pp, 2016
  8. 柴田晋吾. Recent Trends of Outdoor Recreation and Access to Private Lands in USA, Sophia University Global Environmental Academy Journal, Vol 11. 153-170 pp 2016
  9. 柴田晋吾. Collaborative Efforts for Community Rebuilding and Ecosystem Restoration in US National Forest. Sophia University Global Environmental Research Academy Journal, Vol 10 27-48 pp 2015
  10. 柴田晋吾 Invited Lecture on “Building Sustainable Society in harmony with Forests”とちぎ生涯学習研究会主催全国学生環境サミット in Tokyo.2015
  11. 柴田晋吾.PES/Ecosystem Markets in USA and Stacking Problem in USA. Sophia University Global Environmental Academy Journal, Vol 9 45-66 pp 2014
  12. 柴田晋吾 Collaborative planning activities in national forests of USDA Forest Service. Presented at Academy of Environmental, Economics and Policy. 2014

Social Activities, etc.

Previous works include JICA Auditor/Committee Member, Counselor of MAFF Technical Committee's activities. Currently, working for Auditor of VCA, Advisor of The Forest Resource Promotion Organization. In addition, involved with the Eco Contest, Voluntary forest works in Kogesawa/Takao, Sophia Forest project in Karuizawa, etc.