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The Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies (GENV) was established in April 2005 as an independent graduate school founded on inter-disciplinary approaches to academia and research. Since the first graduating class of 2007, our graduates have gone on to pursue diverse careers in the environmental field, both in Japan and internationally.

To ensure the work of our graduates is shared with incoming students to our graduate school, other researchers of global environmental studies and those from civil society interested in environmental issues, GENV initiated the Journal of Global Environmental Studies in 2007. To commemorate the school’s 10th year anniversary, GENV will begin publishing a digital version of the journal. Students’ work from both the Japanese and International program will now be available in a timely manner and GENV hopes their work contributes to furthering environmental dialogues and our understanding of the complex environmental challenges our global society faces.

Regarding journal access, the digital version can be accessed from computers on campus.

The Journal of Global Environmental Studies

Issue No. 13 (published March 2019)

  Title Name
No. 1 How May Japan’s Disposable Housing Culture Limit Progress Toward a Green Transformation of its Urban Residential Housing Sector? Styve Erlend Bjerke
No. 2 Research on Commonality and Regularity of Water Related Music Works and Influence of Different River Basin Environment on Music Style (in the case of Major River Basins in China) Chen Chen
No. 3 Characterization of flood risk management in the middle reaches of the Chao-Phraya river basin and lessons for Japan 竹田有里
No. 4* 環境影響評価指標を応用した企業評価に関する研究 ―環境会計の再構築をめざして― 牟禮恵美子
No. 5 The research on economic valuation of ecosystem services in Sanjiang plain wetland based on conjoint analysis Song Tingting
No. 6* 動物園における絶滅危惧種に関する環境教育 動物園の取り組みを中心に Ji Junying
No. 7* 日本における CCS の実用化に向けたリスクコミュニケーションの 現状と課題 ―米国と日本の比較研究― Wang Siyu
No. 8 Solid Waste Management in The Philippines A Study on the Formalization of the Informal Waste Sector in The Philippine David Emmanuel Sta. Ines Ambat
No. 9 Providing Solutions to Eliminate Plastic Packaging Waste from Beverages: The Analysis of Sustainability Using Refillable Bottle Programs Tan Shuhan
No. 10 How Integrated Environmental Policies Could Enhance Rural Domestic Wastewater Management in China Yan Fei
No. 11 Analysis of the Environmental Impacts of the Meat Industry and the Evaluation of Sustainable Meat Wang Qi
No. 12 Current Status and Problems of Plastic Recycling -A comparative analysis of EU, Japan and China- Li Qian
No. 13* 江蘇省日系企業の CSR 推進における住民参加の役割 ―事例分析を中心に Zhu Qiumei
No. 14* 森林ボランティア活動について ―日本と中国の比較研究― Li Peilong
No. 15* 食品リサイクルの現状と課題 ―日中比較および中国への提言― Wu Jiayi

*written in Japanese

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